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So, you’ve started a blog, but you’re wondering how to go about increasing blog traffic and getting your name (and blog name) out there? Here I’m going to share with you the things I’ve been doing, and will continue to do more of, to increase the traffic to my blog. If you’re interested in growing your blog following then just keep on reading.

Increasing Blog Traffic

Increasing blog traffic isn’t an easy thing to do – whether you’ve been blogging one year, one month or even a day there is always things to learn. I’ve been blogging for around a year and I certainly aren’t an expert. But, I am a blogger with experiences so of course I’m going to share what worked for me, so that I can help fellow bloggers.

This year I set goals for myself and my blog, and a blogging goal which I’m succeeding with is taking part in Twitter Chats. Twitter chats aren’t just a fabulous way to interact with fellow bloggers, and make friends. They are great for increasing blog traffic. I’m going to share 3 of my main tips when taking part in Twitter chats:

  • Take part in the Twitter chats which are most suitable to you, if you’re a beauty blogger (like me) then take part in the #bblogger, for example. I would recommend taking part in more than one a week (I’ve set myself the target of 4 per week).
  • Don’t just answer the host’s questions – get involved! Interact with what other bloggers are saying and answer their questions too
  • Don’t hold back, just enjoy it!

The more I interact within the Twitter chats the more my statistics tend to go up – as well as my Twitter followers increasing. I always gain at least 10 new Twitter followers per chat. This may not seem much, but if you take part in multiple Twitter chats a week then it’ll add up. The more Twitter followers you have, the more Simple people who are seeing your tweets about your blog. Win win!
p suisse acheter cialis.s. please make sure you’re using relevant hashtags…this is so important.

I’m also a member How of some Facebook groups, I find that being Лунного a member of a select few good Facebook groups and concentrating your time on those is better than being part of many groups. I like taking part in the threads because not only does this gain expose for my blog, but I have found some blogs which I genuinely love. So, I bet you’re wondering which groups I’m a member of?

Show Your Blog Love

 I take part in the threads on this group most days. I find this definitely helps to increase my stats. There are requirement to join this page but that’s good in a way because you don’t get people spamming the page with links. All threads are monitored to make sure everybody takes part.

Blog Beautiful

This isn’t a group like the one  I just described, it’s a group which brings bloggers together who enjoy the design element. I love this because I love seeing other people’s designs, as well as learning some amazing tips along 制服女子が玄関で男のチンポを咥えさせられて精液まみれに the way.

Blogging on Your Own Terms

This group is run by a blog strategist. This group helps bloggers to connect and grow their blogs. It isn’t about promoting yourself.

If you were to join any of the Facebook groups above, I’d definitely recommend Show Your Blog Love as this is a group I participate in every Introduction day and find it very HAIKU useful and helpful.

Of course, there are many other ways to increasing blog traffic, but these are just 2 keva?e things I’ve been doing more often, and I’ve definitely been seeing an increase in stats. Increasing blog traffic does take time, but you’ve just got to stay patient and try different methods and see which works best for you, your blog and your target audience. What do you do to increase your blog traffic?

Jess Leeman

Jess Leeman

Undergrad media student by day, beauty blogger by night. Author of the blog makeup, beauty, product reviews & positivity
Jess Leeman

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