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We all want to increase blog traffic, right? In this article I am going to show you exactly how you can do just that with the use of some handy keywords. Adding strategic keywords will ensure that people find your posts. It’s an easy way to grow your traffic on autopilot (and for free!).

So, you primarily want to target the two most popular search engines, Google and Pinterest.

By taking a single or string of keywords straight from your blog post title and repeating it in as many areas as possible throughout the post, you’ll find it’s suddenly opened to a whole new audience, and you’ll increase your blog traffic. When someone types those magical keywords into a search engine, your blog post should rank extremely high in the results, and I’m gonna teach you exactly how you can make that happen. Woop.

Let’s get started on increasing your blog traffic.

1. Come up with a strong title

This is your starting point. Your strong title should include your keyword(s).

Let’s take a look at this blog post as an example, my keywords are ‘increase blog traffic’. If someone were to search ‘how to increase blog traffic’, or ‘easy ways to increase blog traffic‘, they should be lead to this blog post.

2. Make sure the URL fits

Your blog post title should basically be repeated in the URL. A lot of blogging platforms produce an automatic title. This is OK, but it’s always good to check it. I find it’s most effective to rearrange the order of your URL so your keywords feature first. Seen mine? There are those crucial words again, ‘increase blog traffic’.

3 commander cialis soft. Mention your keywords in the very first sentence

Search engines will scan your content for those keywords and will rank higher in the search results if yours includes them. So why not bang em’ right in the first sentence? It doesn’t do any harm to include them throughout the blog post either.

4. Rename all of your images

You know the generic rubbish that cameras produce? ‘P1011125.JPG’. Yeah, you wanna change that. It’s a job that takes two seconds and makes such a difference. Rename all of the images you include in your blog post with the keywords. So that yucky character and figure name would become, for example, ‘increase-blog-traffic.jpg’. Easy.

This also ensures people will find your image, (and therefore blog post) if they search Google images.

5. Get savvy with Pinterest

I’ve recently really started to get into Pinterest, and quite honestly have only just realized how much of a great tool it is. Suddenly I’m getting a drive of traffic to my blog directly from Pinterest. Great!

If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, what are you waiting for? Go create one and start pinning images to your board. For every blog post, you should be creating an image specifically for Pinterest that is made up of mostly large text. And guess what? This large text is going to include your keywords in. You should also always write a description, repeating what the image says, (because search engines can’t read images). And this should include your keywords. Get it?

And that, my friends, is honestly all there is to it.

The next time you write a blog post, I want you to include keywords in all of the areas mentioned. I guarantee you’ll notice a difference in your blog traffic.



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