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I started my blog during January 2015 and it’s been a learning 3 curve to say the least. Here’s what I’ll be talking about in this post:

The first point I’ll make before diving into this is that writing a blog post is the smallest part of being a blogger. Most of your time will be spent, planning, planning and planning. This was something I did not expect, however naive that was of me.

Setting Up

Setting up is the most simple thing to do. The hardest part is Introduction deciding which platform you want to use to create your blog on; the most popular are Blogger and WordPress. Obviously, I used WordPress to create mine, purely because I’d worked with it at University so I understood how it worked. Blogger is the simpler of the two but WordPress allows you to customise your site more and to make it more professional. I also bought my domain name through WordPress but you could use other Visits sites such as TSOhost.

Don’t worry about the cost – you can start a beauty blog for free and earn money from it; I’m only paying $12 a year for my domain name.


Once you’re all set up, i’d advise sorting out the appearance of your site pronto, before starting your first post. I don’t mean spend days and days on perfecting it, but just select a theme you’re happy with, create an About Me and Contact me page and use the customiser tool in the settings > Appearance > Customise to create widgets etc. I use the Sight theme and it’s my favorite one – plus it’s free!

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-847" src="" alt="myblog" srcset=" 1174w, 150w, cialis livraison rapide pas 300w, 1080w” sizes=”(max-width: 1080px) 100vw, 1080px” />


Click the image to visit my blog.

Do you want to know my biggest tip of them all? Visit other beauty blogs and take a peek at how they lay it out, which widgets they use and what their content’s like. This will give you the best indication on how to start and a little inspiration too.

Also, brand yourself! Create a fun logo and color scheme. Try to cheap jerseys match your custom URL with your blog name and the text in your logo. This shows consistency and it will help people to remember you.

This is my banner, it very simply provides the reader with my name followed by my blog exemplo name and when I post new videos onto my channel. The makeup heart sums up what my blog is all about quite nicely, and you’ll notice is pop up in my posts sometimes.



When you’re starting a blog, it’s important to remember that it takes a while to grow your audience. I would recommend setting up a new Twitter and Instagram account, dedicated to your blog. You can find both of mine @claireelsley. Get involved in conversations and comment on other bloggers posts. I would also recommend commenting on other people’s posts whenever you can because this gets you noticed and you’ll start to build up a small community of blogger friends.

I’ve been blogging since January and I’ve almost reached 1,000 followers which is such an achievement, but it took time, Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys patience and dedication to get to this stage.


A major part of blogging is the photographs. One of my biggest fears was the possible cost of equipment and software when I started. Realistically, you just need a camera, simple editing software and natural light. You can create a lovely background using the most simple of things lying around your house so please don’t worry about that either. I use a cream blanket to create a background when I’m photographing products with props such as makeup brushes or artificial plants.


You don’t need an expensive DSLR, just use a compact or a family members digital camera, as long as you tweak the brightness and saturation on an editing software such as GIMP (a free and very similar piece of software to Photoshop) your pics will look great.

Did you know you’re 38% more likely to get ‘likes’ if you include your face in a picture on your blog post?


Ah, finally. Your content is what’s going to make people visit and revisit your blog, make it good. So, what is great content? You have to be original. You can browse through people’s blogs for inspiration but don’t steal any of their wholesale MLB jerseys content. Your writing style and blog titles are what’s going to make people return to your blog. Have you found a product buried somewhere in Superdrug that works wonders? We want to know!

You must also try to be as consistent as possible. Post whenever you feel most comfortable doing; if you find yourself starting to post two times a week then stick to it. I found that creating a cheap MLB jerseys schedule and a series such as my ‘Product of the Week’ every Tuesday keeps people coming back to my blog. I actually created a blog post letting people know that I was going to be posting every Tuesday, there’s nothing wrong with that.


My favorite bit! I have never been organised, however since starting a blog I’ve been forced into a strict routine. You can never be too organised.

I started a schedule. I use the Calendar App that comes with my Macbook Pro to create events for for when I need post, film and upload. Having all of the information in one place makes it much easier to cope with the amount there is to do and pressing the delete button when I’ve completed a task is so satisfying.

I also recently cheap jerseys bought a cute A5 lined notebook from Paper-chase to jot down blog and video ideas because the list on my phone was becoming very messy and unorganized. Whenever an idea sparks, I can grab my notebook and jot it down – believe me, it happens at the strangest of times.

Thank you so much for reading, best of luck with your blog and I’ll see you next month with a brand new piece of blog advice!



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