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As a fairly fresh blogger, my primary goals right now are to boost my blog views and get myself some loyal readers. This can be one of the most tedious, but most important, steps in running a successful blog. Without significant traffic, you will likely lose the motivation to post.

There’s a few ways you can build traffic. One of the most common, but worst methods is repetitive promotion over social media. This will likely cause some people to unfollow your social media accounts, thus limiting your reach to promote your blog further.

Luckily there is a solution to this; it will cut down the boredom and amp up the following!

I’m sure most of you have a Twitter account. But the question is, how are you using it? Are you just posting generic ‘please check out my blog posts’? Or are you using it to its full potential?

Twitter is a very communal network. There are several accounts on Twitter dedicated solely to bringing bloggers together. Make use of these accounts! Follow them, tweet them and retweet them. There are a lot of these accounts that you can mention in a promotional post and they will retweet you. Make sure to have a scroll down these pages and check out other bloggers’ posts too. The more you connect and interact, the more new followers you can gain and befriend.

One of the greatest features of these accounts is that several of them hold weekly Twitter chats. You can join in with these chats by using their hashtag. Most of the chats have a question and answer format; the host will ask a question and the participants will reply to that tweet with their answer and the hashtag. Each week there will be a new theme. Some of the chats I’ve taken part in have had some great themes like memories, the beach, even ice cream! Sounds fun, right?

It’s not all necessarily blog related chatter, but most of the people who take part will be bloggers making it a great informal way to connect with like minded people.

Not only is this a fun and effective way to make new blogger friends, but you can use this to your advantage to boost your blog. Some chats have rules that when you have replied with your answer you must also interact with a number of other replies – do this! Reply to as many of the other answers as you can, retweet them to your followers to help promote other’s blogs and they might do the same for you.

At the end of the chat be sure to follow people who have taken part and leave your blog links so that you can check out other people’s blogs and promote your own in a fun, less autonomous environment. Sharing is caring, so if you like what you see, share the link!

There are more and more Twitter chats being started each week, and some are bigger than others. You might think that the bigger ones are the best – the only problem is, that with so many people taking part, you often get drowned out. In my experience it’s more efficient to take part in smaller chats and try to interact with everyone present acheter cialis sur internet. In this way it’s not as chaotic, and there’s also a higher chance of people clicking your links and becoming a loyal follower.

If you can’t find one to suit your taste, you could always create your own chat! Just make sure that your hashtag is something unique and get using it well before the set time for the chat to ensure people are excited about it and want to get involved.

However you decide to get involved with Twitter chats, I wish you the best of luck in your blog boosting! 

Cat Crawford

Cat Crawford

18 year old Engineering Student in the North East of England. Run a blog:
Cat Crawford

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