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The blog post title is something that is often overlooked and rushed. And you know what? It’s actually THE most important aspect of your post. Why? Because it’s what makes people decide whether or not to go ahead and read it.

And you want people to read your blog post, right?

Your blog post title really is your golden ticket to gaining a wider reader audience and increasing your traffic. So, you must make it as irresistible as possible. Not only does a good title tempt people to read your post, but the use of clever keywords can also massively improve your search ranking, meaning more people will stumble across your blog. Win.

Use figures

Tell me, are you more attracted to, ‘Create your company logo’ or ‘5 easy steps to creating your company logo’. Headlines including a figure perform 38% better than those without.

Make your point clear

Don’t create a long, dull title that beats around the bush. TELL people what the heck you’re writing about. If it’s clear in the title, people will feel they could really benefit from reading it.

Include an incentive

Try to include an incentive wherever possible. So, for example your article may include a handy checklist that readers can easily download. You may as well let the reader know that they can gain something from reading your article.

Include keywords

Keywords are my secret to success, and it’s so simple. By selecting around three keywords, and using them wherever possible throughout your blog post, people are much more likely to find your blog post through a search engine. Read this blog post on how the use of keywords can improve your traffic and increase followers.



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