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I make sure to take at least an hour out of each day to sift through blog posts. I really enjoy the down time and catching up on the latest reads. This often makes me feel inspired and motivated and I love connecting with bloggers too. However, when people have as little time as I do to read through posts, I become rather picky as to which I read (it’s sad, but true). And having great content is only a small part of blogging. I am probably not the only one who judges a post before I even begin to read it. This is based on numerous of reasons. So today I wanted to talk through my reasons for not reading your blog post, based entirely on first impressions. I hope you find this useful.

*I understand that every blogging platform is different. I work with WordPress so that’s what my points are based on.*

1. No featured image

Your featured image is what 90% of readers first see, whether it be in the Reader or on your site. Make it eye-catching by adding large text or perhaps a collage of different images put together. I often repeat my blog post title in the image, because people tend to only notice one or the other. Don’t forget to use a good quality pic too. Those blurry iPhone snaps just don’t tempt me in.

2. Boring title

A short, interactive, persuasive title seem to work the best for pulling people in. I often use stats or figures too because people seem to be attracted by this, like this post. Create a clear title so people know what they’re about to read.

3. Dull introduction

The first couple of lines of your post are what people can see in the Reader and on email subscriptions, so make it count. By including some clever tactics such as rhetorical questions, figures, something funny etc. it’s amazing how easy it is to lure the reader in.

“Something has to STOP”

“I’ve got three things for you today: A rant, a lesson about selling that will serve you well, and a quick request.”

Did that get your attention? Good.

Next time you’re writing a blog post, really think hard about those first couple of sentences. Tell the reader why they should read your blog post by relating it to them.

4. Double-click

A massive pet peeve of mine is when I have to click not once, but twice to read someone’s blog post. First when I initially see the post in the Reader, and then again to read the full post because the writer has restricted reading it in their settings. This will make some people click twice to read the full post, however you’ll lose most. It’s harsh but people are lazy and there’s always something else for them to read.

5. Too Busy

So, I’ve unwillingly double clicked and landed onto your blog. Great combien coute cialis. Now I want to read the full blog post you promised. But I am struck with pop-ups, adverts and a messy layout; it’s become a bit of a challenge. When this happens (and I’ve been in this position numerous of times) it’s very easy to then click ‘x’ and give up altogether. Keep things simple, after all if I’m interested in your content then I’m likely to subscribe and read your future posts.



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